I don’t have any title for my this story. Even I don’t have words to explain it.

This is a story of a girl named Susie. Susie was not good at studies but she had the ability to observe things. She observed those things which no one ever imagined of. She was the youngest in her family. Susie had two elder sisters, Julia and Salmon. Salmon was eldest in three sisters but younger than her brother David. These four children were absolutely opposite from each other. Their choices, likes, dislikes and every thing else was absolutely opposite. They had a very strict mother and a very sweet dad. Every time their mother tried to scold them their father would save him. Anyways they lived a very happy life together.

Susie was just thirteen when every thing in her life changed. She was thirteen when this little, talkative Susie became quiet. She was thirteen when every thing in her family broke. She was just thirteen when David had all the responsibilities of their house. Susie was just thirteen when she lost her dad. That day David started working as well as completing his studies. Julia fought the situation and remained the same as she was before her father’s death. Whereas salmon was oldest daughter so she had to fight her fears and she had to look after the house as her mother was getting ill day by day. Susie changed her self a lot after this incident.

Because she knew her brother had all the responsibilities so she was fully prepared to respect her brother in every situation and she was also ready to face the life after watching so many problems at home. After few years her brother David and salmon both got depression. David got married but still his depression continued. For few months Salmon’s depression continued but then she had a great control on it. Julia got married and she shifted somewhere in the foreign countries and she lived happily with her family.

Susie’s life gave her alot of problems and kept barriers at the place were she thought that all problems are gone but no life gave her challenges but she never lose hope and moved on moving all the barriers away. The biggest challenge of a daughter is to see his father dead. The biggest challenge for a sister is to see her sibling getting serious depression. Susie got an amazing husband but her mother in law was a bit difficult in nature. After solving so many problems now life have given her all those opportunities that she wished for. After so many difficulties now she understood that it was all God’s challenge and he was the only one who helped Susie solve all the problems and God is the only one who takes the person out of his/Her problems. There is a very famous saying that:

After every dark night comes a bright day. And allah never leaves those people alone who value his presence.

All this made Susie realise that God was with her in her darkest moments.

May Allah give us all the courage to fight our fears and fight the darkest moments of our lives.

Katie’s dream

Once upon a time. There ws a girl named Katie. She lived in a small village but her dreams were bigger than those living in a well developed city. At night she slept on the roof of her house under the black shiny sky getting cool, fresh air.

One day she was sleeping on her mother’s laps and talking every thing she had in her heart with her mother. She looked at the sky and told her mother that she wished to be an astronaut. Her mother looked towards her and laughed.

Katie’s mother said that “we live in this small village and we are not allowed to dream these big dreams.” Katie got up and said that “if no one has dreamt this much big then I would be the first one to dream such a big dream and if you’ll support then I would change my this dream into reality.” Her mother very politely replied that “okay lets talk about this tomorrow.”

The next morning her mother was working in the kitchen so Katie went to her and said that “mom what if you had a son and what if he dreamt of something big like this wouldn’t you help him in his dream? So then why am not I allowed to dream to be an astronaut and then why aren’t you supporting me for this dream? I don’t want to live a life like you have. I don’t want to stop dreaming and thinking big.” Completing this she took her mom’s hand and took her to her room. She made her mother sit on her bed and took out her sketch book. By seeing those sketches her mother got astonished and hugged Katie very tightly. That day’s talk was over.

The next day Katie’s mother took Katie to an institute far from her village. There they showed Katie her room and told her mother to leave so that they could start their classes. In the room Katie hugged her mother and cried. Her mom said that ” here you can study astrology and further they will give you training to be an astronaut. After talking several thing her mother left the room and went for her village.

Years passed and there was no call from Katie. Her mother waited daily but there wasn’t any call. One day some people came at Katie’s home to congratulate Katie’s mother. She welcomed them inside. Without saying a single word they opened the small television. By seeing Katie so young her mother cried and she was shocked by seeing Katie in the dress of astronaut and between the media giving interview.

Katie thanked her mother for every thing and told the whole story on media. Now Katie was famous that she took more than 10 flies in the rocket around the galaxy. Few days later she came to her village back to surprise her mother. The village people welcomed her with necklaces and flowers and all other things and her mother stood at the back with Katie’s favourite sweets. Katie realised that her mother was standing at the back so leaving every thing she ran towards her mother, hugged her tight And kissed her on her cheeks which made her mother forget every thing. She took a piece out of the box and gave it to Katie. She wanted to see that happiness on her mother’s face so she took a gift out from her backpack and gave it to her.

Katie’s mom opened the gift and saw an absolutely adorable suit which had the favourite colours of her mom. Her mother immediately replied that ” you were so far from me for so many years but still you remembered what are my favourite colours” by listening this Katie replied that “I had been far from you but still I was with you”. Then Katie said that “from now onwards I am not going to go to the city any more and I would be living with you and I would take care of you as you took when I was small. Now you will rest and I would do all the work.” And from then they both lived happily in their village.

So my dear friends this story is for all those who want to dream but there so called society never allows them to dream. I advice them all that it is your life live it like you want not like others want. You will find alot of people who will discourage you but mind my words that if you listen to your heart you will get those people as well who would be appreciating you on your good work. So live your life like you wish. It’s your life and you have to live it so why not live it like your style.

Society’s view for girls.

There was a women. She had a young son and an older daughter. She used to treat her son like a prince and she treated her daughter like a maid who had the job of doing all the work for his brother. As we all know that “Environment effects alot” so by seeing this behaviour of his mother the boy never respected her elder sister and always used to make her work.

The time passed, days by days both the children grew up. One day there was a phone call for the mother. The call was from his son’s college. They called her for his son’s complain. They complained that the boy never respects any teacher and also disrespect every girl on the road. This time the mother was so much disappointed that she started scolding his son and you know what did his son replied after hearing that, he replied that “mom you also never respected your daughter and what happened if I didn’t respect those girls? Your daughter was also a girl so why didn’t you treated her well? What ever I am doing is what you taught me at home so now stop shouting in me like this.”

This time the mother was absolutely quite. She walked to her room quietly without saying any word and laid down on her bed. At that time she saw her daughter and she was shocked and sat at her place. There her daughter said that ” mom if you ever paid some respect towards me rather than always paying attention towards my brother so today your son would never disrespect any one but now because you spoiled your son so today you had to hear this from your own spoiled son.”

That mother who was always proud of his son was now realising what big mistake she did by always giving attention towards his son and not towards her daughter.

This story is not about just one mother but about that whole society who thinks that girls should never be equal to boys and that boys are only deserved to get respect but they forget that the one who gives birth do those men is a woman, the one who feeds that man is a woman, and men can earn and bring food for himself but the one who cooks and prepares food for those men after doing all the work of that so called man is a women

Give respect to women because the one who gave birth to you was also a woman and the one who prayed for your success was also a woman so thank a women, a girl, a sister, a mother and a daughter for coming in your life and providing you with lots of happiness